An osteopath can do a lot about childrens compaints. During the first consultation, the osteopath will gather as much information as possible about the complaints, but also about pregnancy and birth, developement, illness and habits of the child.

Special skills in treating children

In the approach of children there is a huge difference compared to the approach of adults. Treating children demands that the osteopath really connects with the child, uninhibited by all kinds

of diagnoses or stigmata put on the child. This way the child allowes treatment. This demands a great deal of creativity of the osteopath, because the child is “leading” in the treatment.

Soft and pleasant

Through its soft approach, osteopathy has proven very effective in the treatment of children. Because of the soft mobilisation techniques, side effects are rare and usually treatment is a pleasant experience. The child senses the respect for its body and the positive effects of the treatment.

Knowledge of pediatric medicine

In order to optimize the effect of treatment and to explain the parents the background of their childs complaints,osteopaths need detailed knowledge of pediatric medicine as well as the different developemental stages of a child.

However this does not mean that an osteopath can take the place of a GP or specialized pediatrician.

When can I consult an osteopath for my child?


-Ear-nose-throat complaints, head ache

-Stomach ache, constipation, diarrhea

-Problems in toilet training

-Problems in motor skill development

-Learning difficulties and problems focussing, ADD, ADHD

-Behavioural difficulties

-Handicapped children