During treatment you may experience warmth, tingling or irradiating sensations, which is normal. After treatment people often feel tired or emotional. Others experience a short relapse in their complaints before they start feeling better. This usually does not last more than 24 hours.

Rest and water

Make sure you take it easy on the day of treatment, in order to let your body recover. You may feel tired as a result of the mobilisation of toxins in the body which accumulate in the bloodstream.

To get rid of toxins, always drink sufficient water or tea before and after treatment. It is not advisable to do intensive sports directly after treatment; if this is unavoidable, please notify your osteopath before treatment is carried out.

After your complaints have gone

If you have planned a consultation, but you are no longer in pain, you are still advised to come. It may be that treatment is still necessary, so let your osteopath double check that the current situation will last. As a preventative measure, you might book a check up every 4-6 months.