What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic manual body treatment, which sees that illness and physical complaints are caused by loss of mobility of different body tissues, such as nerves, blood vessels, joints, intestines. In the body there is unity of form and function and different bodily systems need to be in balance, maintaining optimum health.

Disturbance of this balance may cause health problems. Osteopaths manually treat the loss of mobility of different body tissues, that is connected to the health problems.

The body in a holistic perspective

An osteopath doesn’t only examine the region of the original complaint, but overlooks the whole body concept. He is trained in a wide range of mobilisation techniques to treat every part of the body to regain painfree motion and optimum health.

Finding the primary cause of the health problems is paramount. When treating the primary cause, this also decreases or solves the symptoms.

A safe curative method

Osteopathy is a safe way of treating your health problems and complaints. Osteopaths only work manually and don’t use medication or mechanical apparel. As a result of a 5 year training an osteopath recognizes” red and yellow flags” in his examination of a patient and,

if necessary refers you to your GP or specialist for speciallized examination. Keep in mind that an osteopath never replaces your GP or specialist.


Osteopathy is developed at the end of the 19th century in the United States by Dr. A.T. Still and other doctors. It has become a respected curative method and is spread all over the World.

In The Netherlands there is a growing number of osteopaths working, united in the Dutch Register of Osteopathy (NRO).