Many people have complaints that cannot easily be cured. Sometimes the pain is treated, but the cause of the comlaint isn’t, so the problems keep coming back. In that case you can consult an osteopath.

The cause of your complaint

An osteopath is trained to search for the cause of your complaint. Because of his overview of the whole body concept, he doesn’t only examine the region of the complaint, but looks at the whole body. The findings may surprise you. The cause of chronic lower back pain may be restricted mobility of the upper neck or foot, or of a suture of the skull, unnoticed by the patient.

Or lower back pain may be caused by loss of moblity of the intestines or constipation or due to a false breathingpattern. Head injury or whiplash trauma may cause loss of mobility in the skull or congestion of veins in the skull, resulting in headaches or difficulty focussing or concentrating.

When can I consult an osteopath?

Often seen in the osteopathic practice:

Musculo-skeletal, neurological

-Sportsinjuries, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, tendinitis, RSI

-Back-, neck-, joint pain

-Irradiation of pain, tingling in arms or legs, hernia

-Arthrosis and rheumatism

-Post traumatic complaints

-whiplash or head injury

Headache and dizziness

-Headache and migraine

-Ear infection and sinusitis

-Dizziness, tinnitis (ringing), Ménieres disease

-Facial pain


-Pelvic pain, pelvic instability

-Pain in pelvic Floor, prolapse of pelvic organs, incontinence

-Fertility problems

Other indications

-Burn Out

-Chronic fatigue

-Concentration problems, ADD, ADHD

-Anxiety, palpitations, hyper ventilation