Osteopathy can help with problems concerning pregnancy. When looking for causes for infertility, pain during pregnancy or persisting complaints after delivery, the whole body is taken into perspective. During the first consultation the whole skeletal-, circulatory-, nervous- and visceral system is evaluated for loss of mobility. Treatment is focussed on regaining the self regulation of the system and the self healing mechanism of the body.

Fertility problems

With fertility problems, from the osteopathic point of view, there is special attention for the following systems: uterus, ovaries, adrenals, intestines and their autonomic innervation systems, as well as the cranio-sacral system.

These systems, among others, need to be free in motion to function properly and guarantee pregnancy.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy the whole system is altered. Due to hormonal changes the whole constitution of the mother alters: There maybe episodes of nausea, fatigue, intestinal problems and back problems. Osteopathy offers a wide variety of techniques to treat these problems and to prepare the body for the coming delivery.

Safe for mother and child

With soft mobilisation techniques the osteopath loosens the tension in the different tissues, thus balancing the hormonal imbalance as well as the tension on joints, nerves and blood supply. This stimulates the self healing mechanism of the body.

Osteopaths don’t use medication or electrical apparel. Treatment is perfectly safe for mother and child.

After delivery

Huge forces are involved in delivering a baby. To cope with these forces during delivery, the elasticity of the the pelvis and the pelvic and abdominal organs is often stretched beyond physical limits.

This may cause a wide variety of complaints, from lower back or pelvic pain to postnatal depression. It is wise to have a check up after delivery to treat or to prevent complaints and to optimise recovery.

Osteopathy offers treatment for these problems

-Fertility problems

-Pelvic pain or instability

-Back problems

-Stomach or intestinal complaints

-Swelling or tingling sensations in arms or legs, CTS

-Incontinence, prolapse of pelvic organs

-Returning cystitis

-Pain in pelvis or tailbone

-Joint pain

-Postnatal depression