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Osteopathy in adults, children and babies



Dear people, The more stringent measures taken to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus are being relaxed.

This means that from 11 May next osteopaths and other contact professions will be allowed to practice their profession again. Caution is advised!

If you or one of your family members have one of the symptoms or complaints listed below, it is necessary that you cancel your appointment!

- Fever

- Respiratory complaints such as coughing

- Sneezing or  severe cold

- Shortness of breath

Hoping to have informed you sufficiently.


Ivo Trouw DO, osteopath

Inexplicable back or neck pain, Burn Out, chronic headache, pregnancy wish, crying baby or a child with concentration or learning difficulties? Ivo Trouw Osteopathy offers treatment for a wide variety of health problems. Being an osteopath with over 20 years of experience in the therapeutic field and having specialized in the treatment of babies and children, Ivo Trouw helps you to recover from your physical and mental  complaints, so you can enjoy life to the full.

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